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Stop Being Tricked by So-Called “Health Foods” and Start Eating the First and Only Veggie Meal Plan Dedicated to Helping You Lose Belly Fat and Sculpt Your Body…

“Discover How To Quickly Lose Weight The Healthy Way With New SIMPLE, CHEAP, And EASY Veggie Meal Plans”

You’ll Also Learn How California Vegetarian Nutrition Expert Kardena Pauza Helped Her Husband Mark Lose 37 Pounds While Saving Money on Their Grocery Bill!

Plus, you’re about to discover secret vegetarian protein sources and uncover the biggest “scam” health foods that food companies deceptively market to you for weight loss. But first…

If you said yes to ANY of those questions, then I have great news for you…

The NEW Easy Veggie Meal Plans take the confusion out of vegetarian diets and show you how to lose belly fat fast by following simple, easy, and budget-friendly veggie meal plans, without sacrificing your health, wallet, or waistline to pre-packaged high-sodium processed foods or relying on dairy products for every meal.

I PROMISE you that you will learn how to eat a vegetarian fat loss diet that is healthy, cheap, environmentally friendly, and easy.

And I GUARANTEE that you will lose weight, save money, improve your health, increase your energy, and dramatically enhance your appearance in just a few short days after starting the Easy Veggie Meal Plans.

Living the Vegetarian Lifestyle will be the best thing you have ever done for your health and vitality, not to mention for your waistline.

You’ll eat foods you love while satisfying your sweet tooth and eating to satisfaction at every meal.

And when you eat the right vegetarian diet – full of healthy living foods, anti-oxidants, and nutrient-rich meals – you’ll have more energy than a teenager, plus the complexion of a cover model and the healthiest body of anyone at any age.

“It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.”

American Dietetic Association

Do you recognize the names of these healthy, fit, celebrities?

Every one of them has lived the Vegetarian Lifestyle!

“I don’t eat meat, fish, or eggs. I was never a big meat-eater, but I’ve got more energy now. I eat a lot of tofu, and I drink shakes with fruit every morning. I always have soybeans, black beans, or chickpeas for lunch or dinner”
Shania Twain, Country Singer

“It was a lot easier for me to lose the weight when I had to start shooting Spider-Man 2 because I’m a vegetarian.”
Tobey McGuire, Hollywood Actor

Are you ready to discover the best vegetarian diet for fat loss, health and vitality while avoiding expensive, processed, so-called “health foods” full of sugar and sodium?

It is SIMPLE and EASY to eat a delicious vegetarian diet for weight loss.

However, most people struggle when they start a vegetarian weight loss diet. In fact, some of my friends have even GAINED WEIGHT when they tried vegetarian diets because they just didn’t know what they were doing.

Beginner vegetarians often eat all their meals from boxed foods found in the freezer section at the grocery store, and before they realize it, they gain ugly belly fat from the excess sugar and sodium in those so-called health foods.

So if you’re frustrated that…

…then you’re about to discover the guilt-free secrets to vitality and a healthy, affordable way to eat a vegetarian diet for fat loss, without all of the high-sodium, high-sugar, processed food pitfalls that most vegetarians experience along the way.

You’ll get proven fat loss vegetarian diet meal plans that will allow you to lose fat and fit into smaller clothes without harming the environment or risking your health on animal products.

These meal plans will not only make you slim and give you dramatically more energy, but you’ll reverse the aging process and look 10 years younger after just a few weeks.

Your friends – and even members of the opposite sex – will be amazed by your new body.

Believe me, veggie meal plans will make you look sexy! After all, I met my husband Mark thanks to my head-turning legs, arms, and butt sculpted by my vegetarian lifestyle.

So stop eating S.A.D. and start being happy…simply by changing your diet!

“This is one of the most important nutrition programs ever designed – not only will you lose weight but following the Easy Veggie Meal Plans will give you more energy and could help extend your life.”

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Fitness Expert, Men’s Health and Women’s Health Magazines

“The link between animal products and heart disease is now very well documented. It’s no surprise that half of all Americans develop heart disease, because the typical U.S. diet puts almost everyone at risk.”

Dean Ornish, MD
Head of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute in California

Yet despite the continuing horror stories about eating animal products, dozens of nutrition books are published each year that force-feed us information on how eating meat is “so important” for our bodies and even for our weight loss programs.

But you and I both know these so-called “high-meat diet experts” are WRONG, and that the LAST THING our society needs to do is focus on eating more dead animals.

It’s plain for everyone to see that our environment simply can NOT support the mass production and consumption of meat.

The reliance on meat in our diet is destroying our land, polluting our air, and causing disease in our bodies.

“A kilogram of beef is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution than driving for 3 hours while leaving all the lights on back home. In other words, that kilogram of beef is responsible for the equivalent of the amount of CO2 emitted by the average European car every 250 kilometers, and burns enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for nearly 20 days.”

New Scientist magazine, 18 July 2007, page 15

But here’s where things get even more confusing.

While science clearly shows that processed meats are associated with an increased risk of cancer and other diseases (such as diabetes), almost every single weight loss diet plan tells you to eat MORE meat.

How does that make sense?

In fact, every single meal in the latest nutrition book is stuffed with bland chicken breasts and factory-farmed meat, as well as foods proven to be associated with CANCER such as nasty high-sodium deli meats and greasy foods like bacon, ham, and sausage.

From doctors like Atkins to meathead bodybuilders, meat has been marched through mainstream media as the cure for obesity. But it’s NOT!

In fact, the so-called “cure” is really part of the cause!

You need look no further than the average McDonald’s meal to discover the “Obesity Axis of Evil”.

It has it all. Deadly trans-fats in the French fries washed down with diabetes-inducing sugar, and all alongside factory-farmed (and often tainted!) meat that can cause everything from deadly E. coli outbreaks to diarrhea to cancer.

“Men and women who consumed the most red and processed meat were likely to die sooner, especially from one of our two leading killers, heart disease and cancer, than people who consumed much smaller amounts of these foods.”

New York Times, April 27, 2009

And deep down you knew that all along!

No matter how much propaganda the food industry paid for every year, you knew deep down that eating fast food meat turns your body into a ticking time bomb.

But with all that food marketing it is no wonder people continue to eat meat thinking it is the best thing for their health.

That’s why it’s NOT your fault if you’ve been struggling to lose weight with meat-rich diets.

It’s not your fault that you don’t yet have all the energy you deserve to have.

And it’s not your fault you feel slow and sluggish after lunch – it’s all because of the meat marketing machine.

You’ve simply been told too many lies about the need for meat and protein!

So if you sick of hearing about how meat is “so important” for a fat loss program and you want to discover how to eat a healthier fat burning diet, then this will be the most important article you ever read about nutrition.

That’s why I’m here to help you. I’ve dedicated my life to improving the health and fitness of my clients and now I want to help YOU lost fat without eating meat.

In the past, you’ve probably looked everywhere for a vegetarian weight loss diet and all you’ve found are useless tips to eat pre-packaged foods infused with sodium and sugar and even saturated fats. You take one step forward and one step back.

You may even have tried this type of “boxed” vegetarian diet for a while, only to be discouraged and frustrated by the expensive price of those foods, the lack of results, and the minimal variety.

You may even have given up on vegetarian diets because they don’t offer you enough protein – or so you think.

Or you’ve gotten so sick of salads, cereal, and soy – if someone offers you one more “fake meat patty burger” you’ll scream!

A lot of vegetarians are just really misinformed and don’t know how to nourish their body properly.

I’ve met with entire vegetarian families that are overweight! They came to me after struggling with a vegetarian diet and I was able to help them finally lose fat.

But here’s why most vegetarians struggle with weight loss.

You see, most beginner vegetarians tend to fill their daily caloric intake with too many processed carbohydrates and sugars, including cheese pizza or high-calorie soy mocha designer coffees and even candy bars!

New vegetarians think that because they don’t eat meat it gives them the excuse to eat high carbohydrate or high sugar foods.

So if you’ve struggled with a vegetarian weight loss diet, it probably wasn’t long before you were back on the high-protein, meat machine diets found in the latest diet of the month book.

And that’s a best case scenario.

Most people end up much worse, suffering from inflammation, acne, congestion, digestive problems, and low energy – all associated with the S.A.D diet (Standard American Diet).

I know, because I’ve been there and experienced every single one of those ailments and many, many more. Some of the problems I’ve had while eating the S.A.D. diet are too embarrassing to even share with you here!

And for years I struggled because NO ONE ever taught me how to eat a vegetarian diet for maximum fat loss and vitality.

In fact, there was just no answer on how to eat a vegetarian diet for weight loss…until now.

You’re about to discover the NO-MEAT fat loss vegetarian meal plans that are going to finally show you how to lose fat without eating a high-protein diet that depends on animal foods.

Plus, we’ll destroy the myths that you can’t get enough protein, that you can’t lose fat, that you can’t get all the nutrients that you need, that you can’t exercise hard, and that you can’t be full of vitality and energy while eating a vegetarian diet.

You’ll see how easy and convenient it is to be a vegetarian – at home, work, while traveling, or even when eating at your favorite restaurants.

And you’ll be able to eat this vegetarian diet anytime, anywhere while sticking to your food budget. After all, just by eliminating meat from your diet you’ll save a bundle!

Hi, my name is Kardena Pauza and I’m a former Ms. Fitness America. I’ve also been a vegetarian for 6 years. In fact, I went “cold turkey” and made the switch from eating meat directly to eating a raw, vegan diet.

But before I was a vibrant fitness expert, I suffered common side effects from Standard American Diet that over 200 million Americans also suffer from.

I suffered through food poisoning, acne, weight gain, and all of the embarrassing side effects that come with eating a meat-rich diet.

Kardena before the veggie diet                           Kardena after

Like you, I grew up eating the good ol’ American diet or what I call the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

I loved McDonalds filet o’fish and chicken McNuggets, pepperoni pizza and Coca-Cola, and my mom and step-dad always had ice cream in the freezer for dessert.

And I was known for making the sweetest Kool-Aid in the neighborhood!

I was the All-American sugary-sweet girl.

But my body paid a price for it.

After every meal I would feel tired and often had a stomach ache. I had acne, I was overweight, and I was always sick with the flu, colds, ear aches, and sore throats.

After each S.A.D. meal I was tired and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep all day. I lost all motivation and felt so lazy! But I still didn’t connect the food with my feelings.

All I wanted to do was watch TV and eat. Do ever feel like that?

It was a vicious cycle. I’d eat, feel bad, watch TV, get hungry, eat, feel bad, and on it went.

My steady diet of sugar, processed foods, factory-farmed meat, and all kinds of junk from a bag or a box imprisoned me and robbed me of my energy.

But then one day I finally made the connection between living the Vegetarian Lifestyle and having more energy and feeling vibrant and healthy…

My family often went on road trips across the country to see relatives, and one summer we made a long drive from our home in Colorado to my Grandma’s house in Missouri.

Along the way I made an amazing discovery. Instead of loading up on burgers at the roadside fast food joint, I decided to eat only fresh fruit. When I arrived at Grandma’s I felt wonderful and so full of energy.

From that day forward, I was on a mission to understand more about how diet could control my energy and health.

The Final Straw: The Sickening Meat Sandwich that made me sick and turned me off of animal products for good!

Several years later I was eating a mushroom-melt hamburger at a fast food restaurant and it made me violently ill within hours. I finally clued in to what was happening with the food I was eating and how my body responded.

I immediately started a new diet experiment. For the next two weeks I was going to cut out all beef and see how I felt.

Within days I had much more energy and even felt more positive and had more confidence. From that day on, I completely eliminated beef from my diet. I was down to only fish, chicken, and turkey in my diet.

The final straw came when I was 21. While visiting relatives in Missouri, we sat down to lunch and all that was offered was some type of meat sandwich. I didn’t want to be rude, so I went along with everyone else and choked it down.

Later that day as we traveled home, I become violently ill again. We had to stop at the side of the road over and over again because we couldn’t get to a bathroom on time.  

I ws sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted nothing to do with factory-farmed meat that was causing me so much pain and sickness. I wanted my energy back. I wanted my skin and complexion to clear up. I wanted to be healthy and fit again!

Every week I would go to the library and read nutrition book after nutrition book. But they were all filled with meat-based meal plans. In fact, the more popular the book, the more meat and dairy and protein supplements it contained.

I was getting SO FRUSTRATED.

I wanted off this roller coaster ride of wild mood swings caused by factory farmed food.

Then I Tried The Vegetarian Lifestyle Experiment

When I returned home, I went to a medical laboratory for expensive blood tests where I was told – to my horror – that my meat-eating diet was damaging my red blood cells and leaving me with toxins throughout my body.

It was a shock because everyone around me commented on how “healthy” my diet was!

At that moment I knew I was going to switch to the Vegetarian Lifestyle and cut meat (even chicken and fish) out of my diet forever.

And that’s when I finally discovered the power of eating living foods and using food as medicine to cleanse and detoxify the body naturally.

While working at the gym one day, I stumbled across a flyer for a weekend nutrition seminar. When I got there, a powerful, vibrant young man was speaking on vegetarian eating, raw foods and the Vegetarian Lifestyle.

Only later did I learn he was over 50 years old, but as I sat through the seminar, I guessed his age to be in the early 30’s!

I had never met anyone who looked so amazing and full of energy at that age.

I hung on every word he said and made pages and pages of notes. It was that one seminar that convinced me to immediately cut out all remaining meat and animal products from my diet, along with processed sugars.

In fact, I dumped all the so-called “health foods” that were actually keeping me fat, lethargic, and unhealthy. I started drinking more fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and blended more of my own fruit and veggie drinks.

Within days of living the Vegetarian Lifestyle I experienced a level of vibrant health greater than anything I had ever felt before.

Switching to the complete Vegetarian Lifestyle was a moment of awakening and clarity – the answer I had been looking for all of these years.

Six months later I returned to the clinic for the same blood tests to see if the Easy Veggie Meal Plans really worked. I was amazed! The doctors said that 95% of the toxins had disappeared and my red blood cells were healthy again.

And in my research I had discovered the diet secrets of the world’s longest living people that not even most vegetarians and health food gurus know about.

They Laughed When I Told Them I Didn’t Eat Meat Until They Saw My Butt and Arms!

In my early 20’s I became a certified personal trainer, but what I found was that most certifications continued to promote high meat and protein supplement intakes, and I knew that wasn’t the right way to go for optimal health.

Instead, I decided to stick with the Vegetarian Lifestyle and show the world what you could accomplish without eating meat.

At first my clients were skeptical of my new diet approach, but each month they saw me getting healthier and healthier and noticed that I never ran out of energy.

Any time a new client started to work with me, they were shocked to find out that I achieved my physique and energy levels WITHOUT eating meat or drinking whey protein shake after whey protein shake.

In fact, the first thing my female clients always asked me was about how I was able to have such an amazing complexion and look so youthful.

My client’s jaws would drop when I told them about my vegetarian diet.

Women in the gym would stop me all the time and say, “I want a butt like yours!” Of course, they are always shocked when they discover my diet secret.

Again, because they had been told over and over and over again that you needed expensive protein supplements and an endless supply of chicken breasts in your diet, they were amazed at how lean I was and by my sculpted arms.

Finally, many of my clients tried my diet and achieved amazing results just by living the Vegetarian Lifestyle.

The Done-For-You Easy Veggie Meal Plans System Fast Fat Loss Meal Plan System Includes:

And the best part is that you can download all of these fat burning workouts and bonuses from the Internet in just minutes and start using these fat loss techniques today right after work or when the kids go to bed!

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Jeegisha Lost 13 Pounds of Fat After Having 2 Kids and Now Weighs the Same Today as She Did on Her Wedding Day Over 8 Years Ago!

“I have 2 little kids, but thanks to Kardena I weigh almost the same weight as I did on her wedding day which was over 8 years ago. I am SO EXCITED! Since going on the Easy Veggie Meal Plans I’ve lost over 13 pounds of fat. The last 10-15 pounds is always the hardest to get off as you know, but I’ve done it!”

Jeegisha, Irvine, California

The Vegetarian Lifestyle Helped Ken Lose 50 Pounds of Fat and Start Kicking Butt in Martial Arts

“I just kicked butt again this weekend and earned my second Championship this year and forth medal as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt fighter. I won GOLD at California Classic as the Middle Weight Male Blue Belt Master’s division Champion. The best and most exciting part of this experience was I came back this year and beat the guy who knocked me out of this competition last year. It was a SWEET, SWEET victory. I was so stoked I almost cried.  Nothing beats standing at the top of that podium. It was AWESOME! Thanks to Kardena and her vegetarian program I melted off 50 lbs and found a sport I now embrace with all my heart. It’s an unbelievable sport and it’s a blast to compete. Thanks Kardena so much for changing my life! You’re the best.”

Ken Knapp, Corona, California

Mark Lost 37 Pounds and Looks 10 Years Younger Thanks to the Easy
Veggie Meal Plans

“When I first Kardena and started this program it was foreign to me. I was very skeptical and even one of those people who teased her in the beginning. But I ended up losing 37 pounds. I feel so much younger on this program. My allergies went away and I no longer take medication.

And when I went to my 20th high school reunion it was shocking that I felt like I looked at least ten years younger, if not more. And all the girls from high school were like, “Oh, my gosh, if you looked like that back then…” Ha!

Of course, obviously having Kardena on my arm and what have you really speaks for itself. I’ve got a beautiful girl, a beautiful wife.”

Mark Pauza

The Vegetarian Lifestyle Helped Keep The Weight Off Even When I Couldn’t Workout For An Entire Year After Horrendous Car Accident

“Not only does the Easy Veggie Meal Plans help you lose fat, but this way of eating keeps off the pounds even if you can’t exercise.

In 2006, I was in a really bad car accident that totaled my car on the freeway. I was hit by a semi truck and a van. I had whiplash, concussion, sick for a week and couldn’t eat, headaches for 8 months, and many of my muscles were completely torn. I could barely walk up stairs and couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes. I had to sit the entire time when I trained my clients.

Luckily my diet saved me… I tried beginner yoga but I could only do 30 minutes before I wanted to puke and had to rest for an hour afterwards to recover. So I was limited to walking only when my feet weren’t cramping up. I couldn’t workout for an entire year. I was so bummed out but there was nothing I could do. 

I saw this as a great opportunity to test my diet. Would I get fat or would a stay lean?

I am happy to say that I stayed lean, didn’t have to buy larger clothes, and when I told people at the gym that I haven’t worked out for a full year! They were shocked. Now obviously I don’t recommend not working out because it is so important to being healthy, but this “involuntary” experiments proves the effectiveness of The Easy Veggie Meal Plans!”


But despite all of those amazing transformations, it is still hard for some people to believe the power of vegetarian eating.

You’ll hear accusations about how you can’t get enough protein, how it’s too hard to eat this way, how it’s too expensive, or even that it’s not convenient.

That’s why I’ve made the following list and covered every single objection you are going to hear when you start the Vegetarian Lifestyle. Here are the answers you’ll need to deal with jealous meat-eating accusations.

Accusation #1: Isn’t a Vegetarian Diet too hard to stick with?

It’s a lot easier than eating at McDonalds and feeling terrible and tired all the time.

And it’s a lot easier than spending money and time on make-up to cover the acne and blemishes on your complexion.

Plus it’s a lot easier than dying from colon cancer 20 years early!

I promise you that you’ll find the Vegetarian Lifestyle to be easier and more convenient than any other diet you’ve ever tried. In the Easy Veggie Meal Plans QuickStart guide, I’ll show you exactly how to get started on this simple and easy plan.

Accusation #2: Vegetarian diets are too expensive!

Accusation #3: I can’t eat a vegetarian diet. It sounds so inconvenient.

Literally takes just minutes to create amazing vegetarian meals. It’s much faster than firing up the stove or BBQ and putting in a big slab of meat that takes 30 minutes or more to cook!

Plus, even when you’re traveling it’s much easier to eat vegetarian foods rather than relying on roadside diner greasy spoon meats, or worse, risking illness by trying to transport meat around in containers. That’s a food-illness nightmare just waiting to happen!

Accusation #4: My friend at the gym told me vegetarian diets don’t work for weight loss.

From my husband Mark to the all of the clients that have started following my meal plans, not too mention all of the celebrities in Hollywood and even the pro athletes who are now following the Vegetarian Lifestyle, it’s time for haters to stop denying the powerful results you can get by eating a vegetarian diet.

You won’t look sick or pale. Instead, you’ll look younger, more vibrant, and your skin and energy levels will dramatically improve with the vegetarian diet.

In fact, you’ll be able to eat even more food than ever before because the Easy Veggie Meal Plans fill you up with delicious food and keep you satisfied between meals.

Accusation #5: My trainer says I can’t get enough protein on a vegetarian diet.

First of all, excessive protein intake is highly over-rated for health, muscle building, and weight loss.

The myth about how we all need to consume mega amounts of protein was started by the supplement companies who make a big profit selling you processed cow’s milk at a huge mark-up.

After all, whey protein is just a by-product of milk. It’s nothing fancy or special, and doesn’t cause magic muscle building or fat loss.

On the other hand, in the Easy Veggie Meal Plans, you’ll find delicious meals powered by high-protein (yes, high-protein vegetarian foods DO exist!) foods such as legumes, seitan, beans, nuts, vegetarian protein powders, and healthy tofu products.

But you have to be careful, some protein powders and tofu products are low-quality, that’s why we recommend on the best in the Easy Veggie Meal Plans. You’ll easily meet all of your protein needs with the proven Easy Veggie Meal Plans.

Accusation #6: You can’t get Vitamin B12, iron, or calcium on a vegetarian diet.

This is a real concern, HOWEVER it’s actually quite easy to meet all of your needs for these nutrients.

And you can easily consume fortified non-dairy milks such as rice milk or fortified cereals or even a good multi-vitamin to get this and other nutrients. Make sure your daily supplement contains at least 10 micrograms of Vitamin B12.

Fortified foods will also help you get all of your iron and calcium needs. Plus, the best non-dairy sources of calcium include dark, leafy greens like kale, Chinese greens and broccoli. Other foods like legumes, almonds, and figs can also provide significant amounts of calcium in your Vegetarian Diet.

Accusation #7: My family says we were meant to eat meat and that being a vegetarian is unhealthy.

Whether or not we were meant to eat meat (and many prominent doctors and researchers believe we are plant eaters), there is one thing that everyone can agree on…

We were NOT meant to eat factory farmed meat.

Animals raised in the factory-farmed environments are heavily treated with antibiotics and are raised in crowded, disgusting conditions that produce inferior quality meat causing high levels of inflammation and disease in the body.

On the other hand, vegetarian weight loss diets and the Easy Veggie Meal Plans help reduce inflammation and help you live longer and with more vitality.

“Vegetarians have the best diet. They have the lowest rates of coronary disease of any group in the country … they have a fraction of our heart attack rate, and they have only 40 percent of our cancer rate.”
William Castelli, M.D., director of the Framingham Heart Study, the longest-running clinical study in medical history

Accusation #8: My friends say that I’ll have no energy on a vegetarian diet.

Not true!

You’ll have more energy than ever. Gone will be the tired, lethargic feeling you have after eating a meal rich in meat and processed foods.

With the Vegetarian Lifestyle, you’ll be consuming easy to digest foods that don’t leave you nodding off 30 minutes after you eat. With the Easy Veggie Meal Plans, your meals will be full of life, not dead hunks of meat!

Every day there are athletes setting new records while living a meat-free diet, and even playing professional sports. Athletes like Mac Danzig (UFC fighter) and perennial NFL Pro-Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez are proving that you don’t need meat to achieve peak performance. In fact, even Gold Medal winner Carl Lewis has been a vegetarian!

“My best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet. I regained my energy. I was drinking 24 to 32 ounces of juice a day. I ate no dairy products. And I had my best year as an athlete ever! Moreover, by continuing to eat a vegan diet, my weight is under control.”

Carl Lewis, Olympic Gold Medalist

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 “Okay, I Believe a Vegetarian Diet
Works for Weight Loss.

But What if it Doesn’t Work for Me?”

Then it’s absolutely FREE!

How much longer are you willing to risk eating a diet full of tainted meats and factory farmed animal products?

Switching to the Vegetarian Lifestyle will be the greatest decision you’ve ever made for your health and fitness.

I promise you that you will be able eat a healthy, budget-friendly, and effective vegetarian weight loss diet that is also simple and easy to follow.

And I GUARANTEE that you will lose weight, save money, improve your health, increase your energy, and dramatically enhance your appearance in just a few short days after starting the Easy Veggie Meal Plans.

But if you don’t agree that the Easy Veggie Meal Plans were worth every penny or that you didn’t get results after trying these simple and easy meal plans, then just let us know within 60 days and we will return 100% of your money for a FULL refund.

And after you get your refund, you can even keep the product just in case you change your mind later. There’s no risk to you. We want to make it that easy for you to get started without any worries.

This is all about helping you improve your health and diet while losing fat with simple and easy to follow vegetarian meal plans. Oh, and they’re also PROVEN to work!

The Easy Veggie Meal Plans are SO EASY to implement your very next meal and continue until you have developed the habits necessary to see results and stay motivated and finally perfect your body and healthy.

It is our guarantee to you that you will succeed.

So that is our promise to you – backed by our 60-day money back guarantee. We can’t wait to hear about your success with The Vegetarian Lifestyle.

Get started today and get rid of the tainted meat and S.A.D. diet risks. By eating from the Easy Veggie Meal Plans and by living The Vegetarian Lifestyle, you’ll see results in just days.

Not only will you dramatically increase your energy and decrease your weight, you’ll also improve your digestion and complexion. Your health will be better than ever.

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Here’s to living the Vegetarian Lifestyle!

Kardena Pauza
Author, Easy Veggie Meal Plans

P.S.  Because you are an ACTION-TAKER, I’m going to give you the Quick Start Guide for free today, PLUS you’ll get the complete 90-day Easy Veggie Meal Plans for less than the price of a single personal training and diet consultation with me at my studio in Orange County, California.

P.P.S.  There’s NO risk to you…not only do you get a full 60-day money back guarantee, but you also have my promise to you that you’ll find the Easy Veggie Meal Plans to be the simplest, healthiest, and most effective fat loss meal plan nutrition program you have ever used…or we’ll give you your money back!

P.P.P.S. Have no fear. There is NO risk. I guarantee you will lose weight, save money, improve your health, increase your energy, and dramatically enhance your appearance in just a few short days with the Easy Veggie Meal Plans.

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