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I’m paid to tell Doctors what to do! And I’m embarrassed to tell you

Because ever since becoming a mom, my body had punished me with 25 lbs
of impossible-to-lose body fat.

Many days, I’m ashamed to admit I felt like a fat cow and I wanted to

No matter what I tried (including our clinic’s program), I’d lose and
gain the same 5 lbs – my body just hated me.
But I wasn’t alone..

No one at the weight loss clinic, including the Top Doctor, could
consistently melt off (and keep off) excess fat either.
That’s what makes this story so incredible.

Or that the royal family’s heirloom would consist of a weight-loss
candy that would change my life..

I’ve been an authority in the weight loss industry for
31 years. I’ve worked with over
6,000 women and men to lose the weight fast and keep it
off – so..

All that money is working against me too. But I am committed to your

And by reading this, you’re showing you are committed to your health
too. I admire your commitment!

So if you’re overweight and have tried everything under the sun, I beg
you to read every word on this page while you still can. I promise it
will be worth it.

“Mom, I’m getting married!”

I’d held Sarah in my arms 29 years ago as a baby and now my baby was
getting married but to not just any guy..

Besides being kind and successful,
he came from a very wealthy but mysterious family in

The couple chose to do a “pre-wedding” celebration in Switzerland, and
then 3 months later, the real wedding would be here in Florida.

I’d never met the groom’s mom but I’d seen a photo. She looked pretty
– and I felt less insecure when I saw she had a muffin-top like me.

With the wedding coming up, I realized this was my once-in-a-lifetime
chance to take back control of my body, slim down for good, and set a
healthy example for my daughter. I had to lose this weight, for me and
my daughter.

I had avoided lipo for years.
I even warned patients of it.

Most doctors won’t remove more than 5 liters of fat in lipo. So the
reality is most patients only lose 2 to 5 lbs during lipo and it’s
limited to specific areas – like your upper arms or a chunk of a love

With the trip to Switzerland coming up, I delayed the surgery and
packed my bags where I finally met the groom’s mom. Just wow..

Nothing could have prepared me for the pre-wedding trip to Switzerland
and that moment where I finally met the groom’s mom. And wow..

Slim. Toned. Radiant skin, with glowing hair.

What happened to the woman in the photo? The woman with the thick arms
and the muffin-top stomach?

I tried to ask her about her diet and exercise plan but her answers made
it sound like she didn’t diet or exercise.

Her husband couldn’t keep his eyes off of her too. I wanted what she

Was it genetics? Did she get lipo?

But this wealthy, kind woman was somehow proving the weight loss
industry wrong!

She was eating what she wanted…and losing weight. You won’t believe
what happened next.

She took 2 pills, with water..

She’s taking prescription diet pills, I thought..

“Diet pills? God, no!” she smiled. “I had the best doctor in Switzerland
working on my weight loss but he wasn’t quite helping. A family friend
close to the Queen of Denmark recommended I try these rare pills. I’ve
lost 26 lbs. And no issues keeping it off. My sleep has improved. It’s
quite remarkable.

Look around you darling. Every woman in our family now takes these
pills. Would you like to try them?”

I wanted to scream PLEASE, YES! But I contained myself, “That would be
wonderful, my dear,” I replied calmly.

Back in Florida, I still had the pills but hadn’t tried them.
I’d started with the research.

I found over 1,823 studies on the pill’s active

The results seemed hard to believe but the findings were published in
the world’s most prestigious medical journals for all to see.

But in good science, it’s wise to get a colleague’s opinion.

The nurses called this colleague “Dr. House” because he was a great
doctor but not a very nice man.

I was nervous to show him the “Swiss Pills” but for my daughter’s sake,
I had to. But you have to hear this.

He wasn’t even open enough to hear what I was saying and it would bite
him in the butt.

I talked to another doctor I advise – Dr. Wendy Roberts – about the
ingredients in case she knew something my research hadn’t turned up.

“Let me know your results. These studies are stunning. I don’t know
why anyone here in America hadn’t thought of combining these active
ingredients before.”

I started taking the “Swiss Pills” and the results came quickly..

I noticed I had more energy on the first day.

On day two, I said no to fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, which I
never do.

It was like my cravings had disappeared giving me the control.

By day 3, I felt like a new woman. My
energy was higher, it felt like
my confidence was radiating, I was eating what I wanted
and somehow I’d dropped a couple of pounds.

I didn’t enjoy taking the pills every night because I don’t like horse
pills but sticking to it was easy because I could see it working. And
guess what?

I had to get a new dress..

My daughter said I looked fabulous. (She looked stunning!) And even with
all the stunning Swiss women there, my husband couldn’t take his eyes
off me.

Back at the clinic, the nurses were looking at wedding photos when Dr.
House saw.

He said, “You’ve lost all the weight.”

I told him the photo was from my daughter’s wedding over the weekend.

I couldn’t wait to (respectfully) throw the answer in his face..

I smiled, “You remember those Swiss pills?”

“Umm.. yes… I seem to recall you..umm.. showing me something.”

“Well, that’s how I did it. The active ingredients in those pills work
like nothing we’ve ever tried.”

A week later, Dr. House apologized. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I usually
listen to you but I didn’t this time. I was wrong. We’d like you to tell
us more about the pills. Everyone who works here wants to try them.”

My daughter joked that I should start running the clinic!

I had found it, the solution to my weight problem.

But being trained as a scientist, I just had to know:

I knew the active ingredients were amazingly effective.

But I had been working alongside doctors for decades, treating our
patients for weight loss. Why did THESE ingredients work better than
all those others

Years ago, the multi-trillion dollar food industry began experimenting
with our food at the cellular level..

Hyperpalatable foods are food products that give eaters greater
psychological rewards than normal foods.

These foods, which are now found in every aisle of the grocery store,
trigger a surge of dopamine, temporarily flooding the brain with “feel
good” chemicals.

Like any addiction, the more hyperpalatable foods you eat, the more
you NEED to eat just to get the same amount of dopamine, causing you
to overeat and gain unwanted fat each year these food cravings are
left untreated.

If not at home, cravings find you at the office. If not at the office,
they find you at night.

Your brain’s been hijacked and reprogrammed to crave food, even after
you should be full and satisfied, sabotaging every eating plan you’ve
ever tried.

Do you now understand why no amount of diet, exercise or anything else
you’ve tried hasn’t worked the way you wanted? You will never lose the
weight you want until you fix this.

Your brain will never stop ordering your stomach to eat more food until
you optimize your body’s response to hyperpalatable foods.

To make matters worse, research from one of the world’s most respected
labs is now finding these “chemical cravings” grow more intense each
year they’re left alone.

A research colleague told me these chemical-caused food cravings could
be “overpowering almost every overweight patient on earth, meaning at
this moment, it’s almost impossible to lose and keep fat off your body
with diet and exercise.”

In the fields of medicine and neuroscience, this active ingredient
is known as Saffron Crocus Sativus…

You may know it by the name “Saffron”..

Saffron has been used by world leaders for centuries..

Did you know Cleopatra swore by bathing in Saffron? She claimed it made
great men obsess over her by increasing her natural sex appeal..

Or that Alexander the Great used Saffron to quickly heal his wounds
after battle?

When used as a spice Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world,
due to its incredible potency..

And unlike cheaper ingredients marked up as “weight loss supplements”…

…by releasing dopamine in an equivalent way, so you turn hunger OFF,
the craving stops and the weight can start to melt off naturally..

Dozens of studies and anecdotal data prove this but one in particular
stands out..

They did a double blind placebo based trial, which means they gave half
the overweight folks sugar pills and half of them Saffron for a couple

Then they did a series of tests to see the effects of Saffron on weight

Saffron was so effective even Dr. Oz and ABC did a special on it..

That’s a big benefit of Saffron tricking your brain into feeling truly

You eat less – AND you feel full and satisfied, allowing you to
permanently melt away unwanted fat while still enjoying carbs and other
foods you love…

But we can’t just use any Saffron to get these results.

For centuries, people have said Saffron is “worth its weight in gold”
because it’s so difficult to harvest..

There’s only a small window every fall when the Saffron flower blooms..

Because it’s so rare, Saffron has spawned a trade rife with deceptions
you’d more typically see in the rare diamond market..

I ordered every sample I could find on Amazon and from health stores, to
test the potency and purity.

It was pretty lame, almost all diluted and watered-down.

I couldn’t believe people were passing this stuff off as “high quality?”

So if you’re using store-bought or Amazon-bought Saffron, you’re
probably not getting at all what you actually need.

But if we really want to erase unwanted fat without excessive
dieting or exercise, we need to enhance your body’s reponse to
hyperpalatable foods while you sleep too..

You may have seen researchers raving about this active ingredient on TV
but you’ve never seen it like this..

Right now, over 70 million Americans are suffering from occasional sleep
loss and many are unaware. You may be one of them.

And new research suggests that not enough sleep is LEADING to more
weight gain and even obesity.

Getting less than 8 hours of deep, restorative sleep every night raises
your cortisol levels, increasing the signal strength of food cravings,
so you crave even more food after you should be full, causing you to
pack on even more unwanted pounds..

But not to worry… because
Passiflora Incarnata is the answer.

Passiflora Incarnata has been used by Doctors and healers in Europe and
South America for centuries to treat stress, sleep and restlessness, and
scientists have finally discovered why..

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid acts as the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in
the human cortex, causing your brain to rebalance and calm itself,
allowing you to enjoy much deeper, restorative sleep each night..

But due to Passiflora Incarnata’s unique effect, it releases just the
right amount of GABA the very first time you try it, causing food
cravings to quickly dim down..

And it does it via a different pathway than Saffron, so the combination
of Saffron and Passiflora Incarnata is fixing the weight-gaining issues
presented by hyperpalatable foods from every possible angle..

But just like Saffron, you cannot use any “off the shelf” Passiflora

When we tested the store-bought Passiflora Incarnata, we were
disappointed to find it too had been diluted down.

But we were even more disappointed when the samples from Amazon were
even worse.

But there was another problem, taking Saffron and Passiflora Incarnata
together was not fun.

All the Saffron supplements with high-potency came in these big horse
pills that were hard to swallow.

And the only Passiflora Incarnata that wasn’t completely watered down
came in an oil, which doesn’t taste very good and is hard to take on the

See, I’m sick of taking pills.

Between my various supplements and prescriptions, I take about 22
pills a day.

I knew there was a better way but it took me months of research and
testing to find the right recipe.

I tested and compared 27 different formulas before I found the final
result of ingredients, calling it SlimCore.

They LOVED it. They raved not only about the taste
but watching their most stubborn fat pockets disappear while still
enjoying their favorite foods everyday, because the cravings were
finally GONE!

As a result, several doctors and weight loss clinics have now
contracted me as their lead weight loss consultant..

And although I’m unable to reveal their names due to legal
contracts, this formula is now being used by TV anchors across the
United States.

I have “lost cause” patients who had tried more diets and hyped-up
supplements than they can remember, now dissolving inches from their
body’s deepest most stubborn fat stores, the areas that always felt
immune to dieting and exercise are shrinking and melting off..

This formula is now changing their life, and they are saving
thousands of dollars and months of pain..

This gives everyone an equal chance to try SlimCore for

Friends and patients are calling SlimCore the most delicious
weight-loss formula they’ve ever tried, and I’m willing to bet you’ll
think so too.

Under 10 calories of sugar for a delicious weight-loss
gummy that you’ll be excited to take every night.

No more horse pills getting stuck in your throat or weird oils to drop
under your tongue.

Just pop a SlimCore gummy or two into your mouth and chew.

After all you’ve been through, you deserve a treat!

Here’s just a sample of the letters I get every day thanking me for

“Since my doctor told me about SlimCore, I’ve gone down four dress
sizes,” says Marian Catia. “I’ve lost just over 22 pounds. I thought
this was going to be just like all the other weight loss products I
tried but I am so impressed with SlimCore. They taste great..and I
actually like looking in the mirror now! My husband hasn’t looked at
me like this since we first met 17 years ago!”

“The night my husband and I saw we had 4 different takeout boxes
from 4 different restaurants was the night we knew something had to
change”, says Janine Charlotte
. “Our doctor told us about SlimCore. I’ve lost 6 lbs, hubby’s lost
5 lbs. We just started. And all our junk food cravings have went
away. I guess this is what slim people feel like normally. It’s

“I could’ve never imagined something so tasty like a gummie could
help me lose so much weight”, says Rebecca Lee. “I’m down 21 lbs and
everything I’m eating is just melting right off. When I eat the
SlimCore gummies, they taste so good I feel like I’m doing something
wrong. But the results are SO RIGHT. I sent a bottle to my sister,
who’s 8 years older. She called me – she’d lost 8 lbs already and
says she has more energy than her grandkids.”

Other female patients report slipping into sexy skin-tight
dresses, loving how they feel, watching their confidence skyrocket –
their friends and family in awe of their new slim figure, showering them
with compliments, begging to know their Swiss secret..

They no longer want to disappear and hide from the world in flabby,
oversized clothes..

They’re no longer stressed or depressed about what their husband or wife
really thinks about them naked..

They’re no longer worried about sudden heart attacks, strokes or

The spark is back in their relationships, enjoying rekindled nights of
romance with their partner..

I hear the same amazing thing over and over: people look in the mirror
and see exactly who they’ve always wanted to see, the healthiest, most
attractive version of themselves.

And they’re doing it eating all the foods they enjoy with no guilt or

And because this formula targets the real villain causing your fat and
excess weight, once the fat is gone, it’s gone forever. So no more
worrying about jumping between slim clothes and baggy clothes, losing
and gaining the same 5 lbs over and over or if you’ll still be slim next

Look…to do this on your own would be like looking for a needle in a

You’ll need over 150 hours for research, and you’ll spend tens of
thousands of dollars for testing.

You could try to find Saffron that is NPA-Approved (or Natural Products
Association approved).

But you’d probably spend days or weeks finding the right stuff.

Plus you’d have to find a Saffron supplier like mine – you remember that
it requires 70,000 flowers to produce just 1 pound of Saffron..

And because high-quality Saffron is so rare, you’d need a way to know if
the Saffron you’re getting is watered-down or any good at all..

Then you’d have to figure out how to mix it with the
highest-quality Passiflora Incarnata (which is no easy task to find the
quality source too) so it doesn’t taste bad…or require stuffing it
into horse pills.

But our combination tastes so good, you’ll need to promise me you won’t
eat the whole jar in one sitting..

Believe me, it’s not easy creating a high-quality product that is

The high-quality ingredients are expensive.

But I knew with people’s health on the line, we couldn’t afford to use
cheap ingredients.

Plus working with a lab that is FDA, NPA, GMP and RIBUS certified is

Those governing bodies add a lot of inspections, documentation and
quality control.

BUT… I know the more affordable something is,
the more people will have access to it.

Our mission is to collect 5,000 success stories to show the world
SlimCore kicks butt, and
I would love you to be our next success story.

Because if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re serious about your
health and you understand how this unique formula can change your

That covers the cost of the ingredients, bottles, shipping, handling and
provides me a very modest wage for creating the product. I’m not looking
to get rich off this product. I’ve been advising doctors for over 30
years, I’ve done pretty good for myself and more importantly, my
daughter is well-taken care of.

At the clinic, we’ve seen the ideal number is between
120-180 days for most patients.

So if you’re over the age of 35, we recommend you take SlimCore at least
120-180 days so it has enough time to work throughout your body to fix
the weight-gaining issues presented by hyper-palatable foods and end
food cravings so you can reach your desired weight for good.

But the worst cost isn’t the money. It’s the awful feeling of
setting another weight loss goal…and failing once again. I know that
feeling all too well.

I know what it feels like to do exactly what you’re supposed to do and
not lose a single pound. Or reward yourself with one slice of pizza
after eating healthy all week and somehow gaining 3 lbs overnight.

I know what it feels like to hate your body. It makes you want to hide
from the world forever. And the price of that awful feeling costs more
than liposuction, CoolSculpting and a special workout coach combined!

The price of that awful feeling is you feeling left out of life. I was
there myself, so I won’t stand for it and you shouldn’t either. You
wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t know there was something
special inside of you just waiting for the right invitation to appear

I’m confident this is the most affordable, most effective, most
delicious weight loss option you’re going to find anywhere.

We knew we had a unique product but we did not expect this much demand.
People just keep placing orders. I’m so excited for them to get these
results too. It’s been amazing, however..

We underestimated how popular SlimCore would be. We didn’t expect 92% of
customers to order 6 bottles. And we didn’t expect so many to order more
for their friends or family. It’s a good problem to have but we’re
constantly running out of stock.

And with COVID still disrupting supply chains around the country, we’re
worried we’re not sure how much longer we’ll have supplies.

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for something if it doesn’t work
for you. That’s why when you order a 90 day or 180 day supply of
SlimCore Gummies, your purchase is backed up by the only
“You’re Happy Or It’s Free” Money Back Guarantee
in the industry..

Use SlimCore exactly as instructed on the bottle. There are only 2
simple instructions for best results, as you’ll see when you hold your
first bottle in your hands. If you don’t experience all the benefits
I’ve talked about here —

Or if you change your mind for any reason, just let us know
anytime in the next 2 months and we’ll issue you a prompt and sincere
refund right away.

We have a 4.9 (out
of 5) rating.

We are extremely
easy to get a hold of.

Our average “reply
time” is 42 minutes.

I really want you to have the No Questions Asked 100% Money Back
Guarantee to make trying SlimCore an absolute no brainer for you.
There’s simply no risk to you.

The only way I can afford to do this guarantee is to have really low
refund rates.

And my patients and customers love SlimCore Gummies, I almost never
have to refund their money.

Most packages leave our warehouse the same day they’re ordered, which
means if you order right now, you could be opening your first bottle of
SlimCore in just a few days.

This special gift is something you absolutely must have
BEFORE the last bit of excess fat is gone from your body and you’ve
reached your desired weight, which is why I want you to have it now. And
this surprise gift is very, very personal.

I’ll bet you want to know what it is…Sorry! I can’t tell you—that would
ruin the surprise!

It’s not a magic potion or a low-calorie pizza…It’s not a zipper for
your mouth or a padlock for your refrigerator …And it’s definitely
not another food scale!

You do this 9-second ritual right before dessert to put your body into
full fat-burning mode for the rest of the night while you sleep,
allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite desserts guilt-free knowing
you’re still automatically incinerating away the most stubborn pockets
of fat off your body.

I’ve never shared this 9-second ritual outside of the clinic or with the
doctor’s who come to me for advice and consulting…

Sending you this wonderful gift with my love and affection will give me
such pleasure. Order the 180 day supply of SlimCore right now and this
gift will be yours to keep
(Pssst…don’t tell anyone else what your gift is when
you get it. You don’t want to ruin their surprise, do you?)

This is an excellent question.

I got paid by weight loss clinics to tell Doctor’s what to do for a long
time. I probably know doctor’s better than their wives do!

And sadly, most medical doctors have no interest in prescribing natural

Medical schools get massive funding from Big Pharma to support their
pharmaceutical products..

So medical school students are taught that pharmaceuticals are the only
answer and natural formulas are based on voo-doo..

I feel angry AND sad when I think about it..

Besides, many of the active ingredients in prescription pharmaceuticals
were actually found in plants first..

That’s right, the active ingredient that optimizes your blood pressure
or supports your heart often comes from a plant in the Amazon jungle or
the Indonesian rainforest..

But there is another reason many doctor’s don’t like natural
formulas – and I agree with it.

They believe that most of these natura formulas come from some weird
guy’s basement. And in many cases, they’re right.

Because my business partner has been a Doctor for 30 years.. and I’m now
an advisor to other Doctor’s..

The use the latest technology for safety
and cleanliness to ensure you’re getting the
highest-quality product on the market.

The truth is, there are tons of fly-by-night weight loss companies
making ridiculous claims about their products.

Regulators are FINALLY starting to crack down on them – it’s about time.
These claims hurt us both. For you, many of these products are bogus and
even dangerous. They can rob you of your money and your health!

And it makes it tough for legitimate companies like me that provide a
superior weight loss product to compete with ridiculous claims like
“lose 20 lbs in 3 days” or “poop the fat out”.

With SlimCore, you get a delicious weight-loss gummy based on cutting
edge science, peer reviewed studies, first-hand experience, and the
remarkable real-world results of thousands of everyday women and men
just like you.

And I refuse to make any outrageous promises about how much weight
you’ll lose. Why? Because we’re all different. The heavier you are, the
more weight you’ll see melt right off. Some people are thrilled with a
10 pound weight loss.. others have achieved their goals of keeping 30..
40.. 50.. or even 70 lbs or more off! But I can tell you this with

Right now you have
two options in front of you.

Option #1 is to leave this webpage without ordering

You can absolutely do that and there won’t be any hard feelings, I

But I do want to ask you..

If you don’t take action today, what does the future hold for you?

What’s going to change?

How are you going to turn OFF the hunger?

You already saw the studies showing the brain will continue to crave
more and more food just to get the same release of dopamine. And these
cravings grow stronger the longer this damage is left unchecked.

How are you going to erase your most stubborn pockets of fat and
excess weight?

How are you going to finally GET healthy for sure?
How are you going to ensure you’re not at risk for sudden strokes or
heart attacks, so that you’re around for your kids and family for a
long, long time?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, that’s okay..

They’re designed to be hard.

While you could walk away from this page and just go on with your

If you don’t grab this opportunity to get SlimCore for yourself, it’s
unlikely that anything in your life will change.

Making this decision means you’re making a promise to your body..

That you’re giving it what it needs so the unhealthy and unwanted belly
fat, arm fat, hip fat –
ALL OF IT – can finally melt off for good..

In homes across the nation, this simple “two gummy” ritual is now being
practiced by thousands of others like you, by my Swiss in-laws, by my
doctors and of course, by me!

And then as you reach your desired weight, what you do, where you go and
what you wear with your healthy, new body is up to you.

You’ll be taken to our completely secure checkout page and decide how
many free bottles you want.

I’ve been texting with my supplier and due to supply chain issues, I’m
worried we could run out any day now..

Take the only step towards melting off the excess weight
standing between you and your desired weight by trying SlimCore
Gummies today.

I’m positive you’re going to love the results of SlimCore, and I’m so
happy I could help you finally achieve the health and weight loss
you’ve always wanted.

L.Kennedy Lynn Kennedy,
Recognized by Doctors, made in an FDA-approved
facility, Gold Stevie Award in 2021.

There’s a delicious mixed berry flavor. You can’t really taste the
active ingredients at all. This is why I tell every patient, you
must promise me you won’t finish the jar before you finish the

The ingredient list is below:

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products and related products are not intended to represent or
guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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Slim Core is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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